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Vitamin C+B3: Anti-Aging & Brightening (30ML)

Vitamin C+B3: Anti-Aging & Brightening (30ML)

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Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Aqua, Alpha Arbutin, Propylene, Glycol, Glycerin & Fragrances.



Our Vitamin C+B3 Anti-Aging & Brightening Serum contains pure Vitamin C+B3 to nourish & revitalize skin. Our antioxidant formula defends against environmental aggressors & premature aging. Get maximum benefits from your skincare regimen with our natural & gentle Vitamin C+B3 Face Serum.



Apply a modest amount of this Anti-Aging & Brightening Serum to your face and neck twice a day for improved skin tone. Additionally, it can be incorporated into facial and skincare products, such as polishers and creams.

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